Suika’s Profile (en)


Born in Okinawa, Japan in 1960

Painter, Writer, Digeridoo Player

An artist who has appeared like a comet in the painting world with a sense of obstruction since the Renaissance. He draws a powerful and magnificent space consciousness or a world that imagines the creation of a space with dots. His distinctiveness is unrivaled and grabs the viewer’s heart.

He used to be primarily engaged in the outdoor sports business (skiing, diving, windsurfing). He had enjoyed his success when he ran the shop, but in 2010 he was scammed and he went bankrupt. During this faint in agony, he was suddenly struck by a mystical experience from the cosmic space and it made him awaken to the spiritual world. At the same time, he began to write down on his blog what he started talking about inside, and that content became his first publishment. (“I will not let you go”, published by Hikalland in 2014)

In June 2012, he began drawing with a mysterious relationship at the age of 52, and his dot-art drawing soon became a unique painting method (by being possible) and became a “cosmic dot-art drawing” that expresses the magnificent universe with dots. His unique painting method became a hot topic all at once, and only four months after he started painting, he held a two-person exhibition with Yoshinobu Igarata in Asakusa Bridge, Tokyo. Starting with this, he has held solo exhibitions and exhibitions in various places such as Sendai, Ginza, Omotesando, Aoyama, Kobe, Osaka, and Okinawa.

In 2020, Suika, who experienced further awakening, not only finished two cosmic point drawings at the same time, which used to take three months to half a year to complete one work, in just two months. He continues his amazing creative activities with the channeling book “Love of the Universe that recognizes everything” and the first SF fantasy novel “People who connect the universe and the earth” one after another. In 2021, he won the International Art Award at the Roppongi National New Museum “Beauty Crosses Borders” and is highly regarded for his artistry.

Suika’s cosmic dot-art drawing, which embodies the image shown from the universe, is a style that can neither find an analogy (similarity) nor categorize in any existing painting, and it is unmistakable. It seems that the intention of the universe is drawn through Suika.

The one and only technique, which is terrifying, continues to make dots on a white canvas fabric from the background with just ball point pens. Continuing to hit the dots in multiple layers, repeated fusion and separation will create fine dots that cannot be captured by the eyes. Eventually, a small frame (canvas) transforms into a magnificent cosmic space. By turning off the lights and shining a black light on the work drawn by these innumerable dots, another world of galaxies far beyond imagination opens up. Furthermore, if you magnify any small part 250 times with a microscope, you will find a wild and colorful world. According to him, “I just keep hitting the image shown from the universe without thinking.”

Suika is also an ancient music instrument player. Digeridoo, an ancient sound-wave instrument of Aboriginal people, an indigenous Australian. Suika, who is also the player, holds breathing methods and healing sessions using Digeridoo, and retreats several times a year.

You may experience the excitement of your internal waves by touching the art of Suika that conveys the waves from space as the waves of light called cosmic dot-art drawing and the waves of the sound of digeridoo.